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Mean Mitt Is A Rotten Apple In A Bad Barrel

In this election cycle, much of America has been riveted by the eye-popping extremism of several Republican candidates. Donald Trump, the rich builder turned ridiculous

October 30, 2012 Opinion

The Last Stop On The Right’s Crazy Train

(Weekly Column) The Crazy Train, built by the Religious Right and accelerated by the Tea Party, must stop before it goes off the rails and

August 29, 2012 Blog, Opinion

The GOP Convention and Presidential Politics

As anti-gay activists gather in Tampa today for the GOP convention, Vice President Joe Biden had some nice words to say about gay rights advocates.

August 27, 2012 Blog

Kirk Cameron, FRC To Rally Fundie Voters To Elect Candidates Like Todd Aiken; Huckabee Supports Aiken Too

According to FRC: Actor Kirk Cameron has just confirmed for the iPledge Sunday simulcast presented by Family Research Council and American Family Association on Sunday,

August 24, 2012 Blog

The Crackpot Caucus

Excellent column by Timothy Egan in the New York Times: The tutorial in 8th grade biology that Republicans got after one of their members of

August 24, 2012 Blog

The Statement Todd Akin Should Be Issuing

As is so often the case, The Onion captures it: As a politician, I often find myself in situations where, unfortunately, I express a certain

August 21, 2012 Blog

Hate Group AFA’s Male Leader Positions Himself as Expert on Rape

You are so surprised that Bryan Fischer is defending Rep. Todd Akin and his now infamous remarks about “legitimate rape,” aren’t you? Pick that jaw

August 20, 2012 Blog

Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri Discusses ‘Legitimate Rape’

Folks, this is exactly the kind of fundie barbarism we have been warning about for years at Truth Wins Out. Our opponents really do want

August 20, 2012 Blog
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