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CNN Gives Us Helpful “Hate Group” Opinion of Obama’s Announcement

When will the media learn that the lives of gays and lesbians really aren’t up for debate anymore? They never should have been, but the

May 10, 2012 Blog

Rachel Maddow Nails the Difference Between Liberal and Conservative Media

This is a delightful clip, in general, but Rachel Maddow here elucidates the exact difference [at least one of the most major differences] between liberal and

May 01, 2012 Blog

Here Is Your Gross “Santorum” Media Image Of The Day

My friend Chris snapped this last night on the teevee. Click it to embiggen it, of course: The media is doing this intentionally. You know

January 03, 2012 Blog

A Deficit In Decency

There wasn’t a Billy left in the hills on Saturday, when tens of thousands of anti-government types, gun nuts, white supremacists, religious zealots, tax evaders

September 14, 2009 Blog
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