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Can You Forgive Ted Haggard?

The short answer is “no”. But, we can move on. I’m not a big fan of the modern concept of forgiveness in that it implies

February 10, 2011 Blog

People of Wal-Mart In A Hot Tub With Their Bisexual Dad, Ted

This picture of Ted Haggard’s family is apparently in the latest edition of GQ, and I don’t want to look at it anymore, so I’m

February 01, 2011 Blog

Ted Haggard Now Says He’s Bisexual

I guess this is a step in the right direction: In a new GQ profile, Rev. Ted Haggard addresses the continued assumptions that he’s gay,

January 26, 2011 Blog

Learn How To Be A Blogger!

So here’s a Monday Funday video for you that has nothing to do with anything. HOWEVER, if you ever harbored a secret desire to Be

August 24, 2010 Blog

Jennifer Knapp on Larry King Live

This is an interesting interview. Try not to cringe in the second section when, for some unknown reason (CNN, y’all really are batting a thousand,

April 24, 2010 Blog

Comedian Jamie Kilstein Goes OFF About Rick Warren, Ted Haggard, Fundamentalists, Etc.

Jamie Kilstein is one of my very favorite comedians. He and his wife Allison Kilkenny (who I link here from time to time) run Citizen

January 31, 2010 Blog

Focus on the Family Applauds Brit Hume For Urging Tiger Woods To Convert To Christianity

On Jan. 3rd Evan Hurst wrote about FOX anchor Brit Hume’s on-air proselytizing, where he condemned Tiger Woods’ current faith and urged him to become

January 13, 2010 Blog

Theatre Review: This Beautiful City

Ted Haggard shamed in gay sex/meth scandal. James Dobson gives up his throne. These are just a few of the headlines that have come from

February 28, 2009 Blog

Lurid Accusations by Recipient of Haggard Hush Money

Grant Haas, reputed recipient of hush money from New Life Church following a sex scandal involving disgraced bisexual evangelist Ted Haggard, on Tuesday issued lurid

February 04, 2009 Blog

Exodus Leader Diverts Blame for Haggard Church’s Abuse of Power

After it was disclosed Friday that New Life Church in Colorado Springs paid money to one of Ted Haggard’s longtime same-sex partners in 2006 in

January 24, 2009 Blog
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