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RNC Candidates Name Their Favorite Books!

First some moron lady says her favorite book is her “kitchen table,” and then Michael Steele says his is War and Peace, and to prove

January 04, 2011 Blog

Jonah Goldberg Wrote Stupid Column, Sky is Blue, Birds Fly

Lots of my favorite people are tearing this Jonah Goldberg piece apart, and for some reason, I just can’t bring myself to mess with it.

December 29, 2010 Blog

Shock! Fox News Viewers are ‘Most Misinformed’ of All News Viewers

File under Things We Already Knew: To perhaps nobody’s surprise, a study released this week finds that Fox News viewers are the most misinformed of

December 17, 2010 Blog

Bryan Fischer Thinks Gay Sex Laws Should Be The Same As Cigarette Laws

This is from last week, so if it’s old news to you, I Am Sorry, but I just ran across it, and as is usual

December 14, 2010 Blog

Oops: El Paso Pastor Pushes Through Bill Robbing Benefits from Gays, Foster Children, Firefighters…

In a fit of big man bigotry, an El Paso pastor decided to push through an initiative to rescind domestic partner benefits from El Paso

December 08, 2010 Blog

Cornpone Mississippi High School Football Coach Kicks Kid Off Team For Wearing Pink Cleats… (UPDATED)

…to raise breast cancer awareness. Because his grandmother is a breast cancer survivor. And men all over professional sports were doing similar things, including pink

November 11, 2010 Blog

Bryan Fischer Afear’d-a Bears!

It always makes my day when Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association stops grunting unintelligible mountain man gibberish about gay people and instead chooses

November 09, 2010 Blog

Did You Know People Have Prayed Away the Gay for THOUSANDS of Years?

This is probably the most hilarious thing I’ve ever read from a wingnut making baseless claims about people changing their sexual orientation. Responding to Valerie

October 15, 2010 Blog

Senator Evan Bayh Has An Opinion About the Sandra Bullock/Scarlett Johannson Kiss!

He did not like it when Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johannson made kissy-kissy on the MTV Movie Awards last night

June 07, 2010 Blog

Mississippi Strikes Again (At Another Innocent Young Lesbian Girl)

Well, it looks like the “good folks” at Itawamba Agricultural have struck fear into other random counties in Mississippi, with the way they set the

April 28, 2010 Blog
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