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This Anti-Gay, Starbucks-Hating Preacher Is Also A Convicted Child Abuser

Joe posted this clip of Bob Enyart, “taking a stand” against Starbucks by buying coffee from them and then pouring it into a storm sewer.

May 17, 2012 Blog

Anti-Gay Iowa Activist Very Upset With Seattle Coffee Company

Bob Vander Plaats of ThE FaMiLy LeAdEr isn’t going to go to Starbucks anymore, nuh uh! We are sure Starbucks is very upset about a

February 06, 2012 Blog

Here Is The Anti-Gay Pastor Who Wants Christians To Boycott Starbucks

I will not make the obvious joke, because it is too obvious: Here is the very long press release from Pastor Steven Andrew’s organization: Christians

January 31, 2012 Blog

Google, Microsoft, Starbucks Endorse Washington Marriage Equality Bill

I would suggest that wingnuts boycott Google, but judging by their self-imposed disengagement from reality, I think they already have been for years: Starbucks, Google

January 25, 2012 Blog

Sixty Large Corporations Officially Oppose DOMA — It’s Bad For Business

The marriage of the Market Is God crowd with the Fundamentalist “Homophobia and Misogyny Are God” crowd has always been funny to me. Anyone who’s

November 07, 2011 Blog

Where is Porno Pete?

Today we were making our usual rounds, monitoring hate group websites, when we noticed something very peculiar: when we tried to access the website of

October 10, 2011 Blog
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