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Board Member of S.C. Exodus Group Rewrites History About Success of Alan Medinger

Judith  Hartzell is a board member at Truth Ministry in Spartanburg, SC. It is the anti-homo hive of McKrae Game, one of Exodus’ rising stars. Or

November 06, 2012 News

Update: SC State GOP Rejects Local Purity Test

Yesterday, Evan posted about an alarming story out of Laurens County, South Carolina — taking a cue from Grover Norquist, the bigots at NOM, and

March 07, 2012 Blog

South Carolina County GOP Bans Pre-Marital Sex and Porn for Their Candidates

Oh, Laurens County, South Carolina, I don’t even know where you are and I don’t want to look it up, but you’re embarrassing yourself just

March 06, 2012 Blog

Poor Widdle Jim DeMint Has Panties In Wad, Is Boycotting CPAC

America’s dumbest Senator is making a statement: Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) is the latest Republican who has chosen to skip this year’s Conservative Political Action

January 24, 2011 Blog

Jim DeMint Says Gays Shouldn’t Be Able To Teach

Jim DeMint is a special kind of bigot, really, but that’s how they make ’em in South Carolina: Addressing a group of conservative voters on

October 04, 2010 Blog

Late Friday Random Ten [Sharon Jones edition]

What can be said about this week that doesn’t involve either Christine O’Donnell or Lady Gaga?  Very little, so let’s not try. Lady Gaga went

September 17, 2010 Blog

In South Carolina, Republicans Party Like It’s 1862

If you were planning a party for the National Federation of Republican Women in South Carolina, what would you do? Well, of course, you would

September 14, 2010 Blog

Focus on the Family: Religious Freedom Is Enemy of the Family

Focus on the Family protested a federal judge’s ruling that South Carolina license plates may not give favored treatment to Christianity at the expense of

November 12, 2009 Blog

Hold Ex-Gays Accountable for S.C. Promotion of Gay Dating Violence

Evangelical antigay lawmakers in South Carolina have amended a bill originally intended to stop teen dating violence, so that the legislation excludes gay teens. The

May 20, 2009 Blog
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