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Greg Quinlan’s “Ex-Gay” Idols are Sinead O’Connor and Anne Heche?

Weird quote from “ex-gay” PFOX leader Greg Quinlan: “I want to talk first of all about something I heard from the very beginning by people

February 03, 2012 Blog

Some Weekend Music [Sinéad O’Connor edition]

Okay, time for music.  I’ve been listening to a lot of old Sinéad O’Connor this week for some reason, and I’ve been listening to these

May 20, 2011 Blog

Sinead O’Connor v. Bill Donohue on the Catholic Child Rape Scandals

Larry King hosts the debate between Sinead O’Connor, the intellectually dishonest, anti-gay Bill Donohue, former CNN anchor Thomas Roberts, himself abused by a priest as

March 31, 2010 Blog
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