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CNN Makes A Funny In Reporting Sarah Palin Story

Joe reports that wingnuts are so mad they’re putting down their trans fats so that they can gesture with their hands, over the fact that

July 30, 2012 Blog

Snow Snooki And Taaaahd At The Chick-Fil-A

Palin just posted this on her Facebook page: Hi, my name is Sarah, and I endorse Bigot Chicken. Like that’s a surprise&#

July 28, 2012 Blog

Why Don’t Gay Organizations Go After Dan Savage For Being Mean To Gay Conservatives?

The headline above isn’t a real question. It’s time for another episode of Simple Answers To Stupid Questions. The GayPatriot blog spent two blog posts

July 24, 2012 Blog

Palin Progeny Calls Bristol Naughty Anti-Gay Word On Television [UPDATED]

If Dan Savage had been throwing a temper tantrum and called Bristol Palin a “faggot” on television, conservatives would be having a heyday, but I’m

July 23, 2012 Blog

Jon Stewart on Sarah Palin’s ‘Today Show’ Appearance

Jon Stewart’s take-downs are always wonderful and hilarious, but this is one of his finest. Watch the whole thing, but around 2:50 or so, he

April 04, 2012 Blog

Sarah Palin Hopping Mad About Realistic Portrayal in HBO Movie ‘Game Change’

I am very excited about watching HBO movie “Game Change” on Saturday evening, which details Sarah Palin’s rise and fall as John McCain’s running mate.

March 05, 2012 Blog

TWO’s John Becker for Advocate Magazine: Why Newt Really Does Live Like a Porn Star

Truth Wins Out placed an admittedly provocative full-page ad in today’s edition of Roll Call, a Capitol Hill newspaper, headlined “Newt Gingrich: Talks Like a Preacher,

February 09, 2012 Blog, News, Opinion, Press Release

Truth Wins Out to Slam Newt Gingrich for Hypocrisy on Marriage Equality in Thursday Roll Call Ad

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2012 Contact: Wayne Besen, Executive Director Phone: 917-691-5118 E-Mail: Truth Wins Out to Slam Newt Gingrich for Hypocrisy on Marriage

February 08, 2012 Press Release

Jon Huntsman Attacks Anti-Science Views of GOP Rivals

In an exclusive interview on ABC’s “This Week,” presidential candidate Jon Huntsman said “there’s a serious problem” with comments made by Texas Gov. Rick Perry

August 22, 2011 Blog

I’m Still Betting On Sarah Palin

I know there are few pundits who agree with me when I say that Sarah Palin will likely get the GOP nomination for President of

August 18, 2011 Blog
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