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I’m Still Betting On Sarah Palin

I know there are few pundits who agree with me when I say that Sarah Palin will likely get the GOP nomination for President of

August 18, 2011 Blog

Rick Perry Corndog Technique Better Than Either Bachmann

Such grace. Cf. here and here. I would say it’s Rick Santorum’s turn, but I really, really don’t want to see that, especially after what

August 17, 2011 Blog

Rick Santorum Does Not Like Rick Perry’s Stance on States’ Rights!

More scenes from Iowa. It’s funny to me that Rick Santorum said this stupid thing in Waterloo: Rick Santorum,the fourth-place finisher in Saturday’s Straw Poll,

August 15, 2011 Blog

He Who Is Called ‘Governor Goodhair’ to Enter Presidential Race Saturday

Because what Americans are clamoring for is a yokel from Texas.  Keep ‘Murka stupid, y’all. [image by Sam Merten

August 09, 2011 Blog

Rick Perry Personally Thanks Hate Group Leader for Supporting His Weird Prayer Rally

I know that Rick Perry is a True Believer, and probably doesn’t understand why most of the American public is repelled by hate groups such

August 08, 2011 Blog

Facebook Comment Sums Up Rick Perry’s Wingnut Prayer Rally

I’ll post a bit a more about Rick Perry’s Hate Group-Led Prayer-apalooza later [at some point…I’m in the middle of moving], but I just happened

August 07, 2011 Blog

Horrible Decision By Texas Judge to Uphold Gov. Rick Perry’s Politicized Prayer Rally

The New York Times reports that a federal judge on Thursday dismissed a lawsuit filed against Gov. Rick Perry of Texas by a national group

July 29, 2011 Blog

Rick Perry Will Use Any Set of Principles Available to Oppose Marriage Equality

The other day, Texas Governor Rick Perry made news and excited gay wingnuts by invoking the 10th Amendment and suggesting that, though he personally opposed

July 28, 2011 Blog, Opinion

Pastor Affiliated with Rick Perry Claims Japanese Emperor Had Sex With Sun Goddess Demon Creature

This is completely rational: Kyle at Right Wing Watch made that edited video, and here gives a little context for this version and also the

July 11, 2011 Blog

Truth Wins Out Slams Texas Governor Rick Perry for Opportunistic and Divisive Prayer Event

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Wayne Besen Phone: 917-691-5118 E-Mail: It is Disgraceful that Perry and the GOP Are in Bed With The American Family

June 13, 2011 Blog, Press Release
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