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Top 10 Wingnut Moments of GOP Presidential Race

(Weekly Column) The Republican Party has always had loopy extremists, but traditionally they were never given a serious shot at wining the Party’s presidential nomination.

February 28, 2012 Blog

What Michele Bachmann Learned While Running for President

Apparently, she still hasn’t learned that you can’t pray away the gay… You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video Just

February 10, 2012 Blog

Goodbye, Rick Perry

It all started with fireworks and a massive fundamentalist prayer rally in Houston’s Reliant Stadium — but by the time Texas Gov. Rick Perry dropped

January 19, 2012 Blog

Sign Petition Asking Denver Broncos To Make ‘It Gets Better’ Video

Lots of professional sports teams — mostly in baseball — have made videos for Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” project, but no NFL teams have

December 16, 2011 Blog

Did Rick Perry Ruin The Gay-Baiting Fun For Everybody Else?

Joshua Green at the Boston Globe argues that he did, with his silly Brokeback Mountain jacket-wearing “I am victim, hear me roar!” ad, which garnered

December 15, 2011 Blog

Chris Barron Out at GOProud

This past week hasn’t been good for GOProud. And now, this: GOProud Co-Founder and Board Chairman Chris Barron announced today that he was stepping down

December 14, 2011 Blog

Rick Perry’s Hate Ad: The Gay-Dub Version

Oh, this is funny. [h/t Joe

December 09, 2011 Blog

Five Minutes of Bumpkin Sentence Fragments from Rick Perry

This is why his weird ad about how much he hates gays and how he will stand up against the pretend war on religion means

December 08, 2011 Blog

Occasional Sentence Completer Rick Perry Releases “Super-Victim” Ad About Religion

Help! Barack Obama is taking away our religious faith! Dear Rick Perry and other fundamentalists: if you feel that your faith is being threatened by

December 07, 2011 Blog

Rick Perry Joins Bachmann and Frothy Mix in Signing Iowa Hate Group Pledge

The weirdly named Iowa hate group “The Family Leader” came out with a purity pledge a few months ago for GOP presidential candidates to sign.

November 21, 2011 Blog
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