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Marriage Starts In Minnesota And Rhode Island!

But don't worry, wingnuts. The ADF says you can defy the law if it makes you feel better

August 01, 2013 News

Roger Williams Extending Civil Rights to All in Rhode Island

Marriage victory brings to mind how Rhode Island has served as a beacon for religious liberty since its inception

May 03, 2013 Opinion

Michelle Shocked Loses it on Twitter (again)

Sometimes a picture (or in this case a screen grab) tells a thousand words. She seems to have plastered her twitter feed with variations of

May 03, 2013 News

Rhode Island State Senator Can Become Gay On Command?

Democratic Senator Harold M. Metts said he can become gay, tonight if he wants to

April 25, 2013 News

GOP, Democratic Opponent Aided R.I. Vote for Marriage Equality

R.I. Sen. Jamie Doyle: “If the first thing Our Lord asks me is ‘Why did I vote [for] same-sex marriage?’ then I’m doing pretty good.”

April 24, 2013 News

Marriage Equality Advancing In Delaware And Rhode Island

More ways that Brian Brown's career is just a burlesque show of Fail right now

April 24, 2013 News

Rhode Island Senate Republican Caucus Unanimously Supports Marriage Equality

They become the first state caucus of either party to unanimously endorse equality

April 23, 2013 News

Rhode Island Begins Effort to Make New England A Marriage Freedom Zone

Rhode Island takes steps toward marriage equality

January 15, 2013 News

Rhode Island Will Recognize Out of State Same Sex Marriages

And this, friends, is called “Full Faith and Credit.” You might have heard about it from the US Constitution. Bitter states like North Carolina and

May 14, 2012 Blog
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