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Michigan’s Ugly New Law Strips Gays’ Domestic Partners and Children of Health Benefits

If you haven’t read about Michigan’s brand-new law rescinding the health benefits of state employees’ domestic partners, signed last Thursday the 22nd by Governor Rick

December 27, 2011 Blog

Newt’s First Wife Just Wasn’t Hot Enough To Be First Lady

It’s widely known that Newt Gingrich’s history of it being All About Him and his ambitions goes back a long way, but this news is

December 27, 2011 Blog

Man Who Casually Leaves Wives Says Homosexuality Is a Choice

Newt Gingrich, who spent the better part of the 1990’s carrying on an extramarital affair, all while leading a witchhunt against the President for his

December 15, 2011 Blog

Occasional Sentence Completer Rick Perry Releases “Super-Victim” Ad About Religion

Help! Barack Obama is taking away our religious faith! Dear Rick Perry and other fundamentalists: if you feel that your faith is being threatened by

December 07, 2011 Blog

QOTD, Re: Newt Gingrich’s ‘Ascendance’

People on this side of the aisle who have been watching the 2012 Republican goat rodeo have been entertained, as every month or so, a

November 16, 2011 Blog

New Michele Bachmann Campaign Ad Says Everybody Else Is Terrible, She Is Awesome

Since you’re all anxiously awaiting the report of John Becker’s exciting chit-chat session with Marcus Bachmann this afternoon, here is Michele’s new campaign ad, where

November 15, 2011 Blog

Jon Stewart Recounts the Most Recent Republican Debate

Jon Stewart at his absolute best. He goes through every candidate and exactly how stupid/awful they are, zeroing in on Rick Perry. And yes, he

November 11, 2011 Blog

It Gets Better: The New Jersey Congressional Delegation

Nice. I would like to point out that Rep. Leonard Lance of New Jersey’s 7th has a distinct “R” behind his name. Jon Runyan of

October 26, 2011 Blog

Bachmann’s Entire New Hampshire Staff Quits

This just in: According to Reuters, all six members of Michele Bachmann’s New Hampshire campaign staff resigned en masse yesterday. From here in Vermont, it

October 21, 2011 Blog

A Gay Republican Mayor for San Diego?

A mayoral election in the Republican stranglehold stronghold of San Diego is underway, and two of the Republican candidates for mayor are also openly gay.

October 10, 2011 Blog
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