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Johnson & Wales Student Commits Suicide

Campus Pride Demands National Action to Address LGBT Youth Bullying, Harassment and Suicide In the wake of two college suicides — Tyler Clementi of Rutgers

October 01, 2010 Blog

Fight Inequality with Inequality?

Recent protests in Albany and Providence spotlighted a stark difference in strategies among supporters of marriage equality. Having lost civil public debates over the supposed

July 27, 2010 Blog

Martyrdom and Victimization, THE MUSICAL!

So this just rolled into my lap.  It’s a video of the lady at the NOM hate rally who experienced the slavery, subjugation, guttural pain

July 22, 2010 Blog

Man Has Crazy Spell at NOM Rally in Providence

The description on the video says that it’s a pastor and that he’s speaking in tongues, which is the same exact thing I wrote in

July 19, 2010 Blog
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