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Beware of Satanic Phallic Symbols at the Denver Airport!

Oh, dear it’s Friday, what should we talk about? Oh, here’s a thing. As we all know, fundamentalist Christians are nothing if not completely sane,

June 03, 2011 Blog

God Issues Dire Warning To Cindy Jacobs’ Friend About California Earthquakes

This woman is not insane at all, and neither are her friends: Just yesterday, we received an urgent prayer alert from our good friend Chuck

January 07, 2011 Blog

Prophetic Comedienne Cindy Jacobs Says if Latinos Vote Against Gays, God Will Give Them Shamnesty

As Joe Jervis says, Cindy Jacobs’ god is “not above a little vote trading,” apparently. Thanks, Citizens United. What’s next, God buying ad space in

November 02, 2010 Blog

Gays In San Diego Cause Creatures With Stingers To Sting People In San Diego (UPDATED)

SAITH THE LORD. I mean, saith the crazy man named James Hartline. No, I am not kidding. This must have been the “perfect storm” Maggie

July 14, 2010 Blog
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