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More Good Polling News For Our Side

A majority of people OPPOSED to marriage equality still realize that it's inevitable

June 06, 2013 News

Gallup: 59% Of Americans Believe Gay And Lesbian Relations Are Moral

It's the highest number ever recorded in the poll

May 28, 2013 News

Gallup: Majorities of Americans Support Marriage Equality, Believe Gays Are Born That Way

It's clear that majority support for marriage equality is here to stay

May 17, 2013 News

Another Poll Showing Majority Support For Marriage Equality (That The Religious Right Will Ignore)

Large majorities also support Jason Collins coming out and the BSA reversing its anti-gay bans

May 10, 2013 News

Center For American Progress: Marriage Equality Is A Mainstream Value

Just look at this infographic and see just how far we’ve come. It will only get better from here: Stunning

July 11, 2012 Blog

It’s Time For The Annual “Gay Days” Freak-Out

Wingnuts have their own sort of liturgical calendar. Other Christian denominations cycle through periods such as “advent” and “Lent,” whereas anti-gay fundamentalists mark their church

May 29, 2012 Blog

Maine Voters Likely To Reverse Marriage Equality Ban

This is great news from Public Policy Polling: It looks like Maine voters will reverse their 2009 decision and legalize gay marriage in the state

March 07, 2012 Blog

28% Of Americans Don’t See Need for Separation of Church and State

Joe grabbed these screen caps from pollster Nate Silver. Here is your Santorum-voting bloc: It’s kind of unbelievable, yes, but when you consider that we

February 27, 2012 Blog

Another Poll Shows Slim Majority Support for Marriage Equality in US

Good news.  We’re not there yet, and as these new poll results show, we’re still dealing with the fact that those who oppose us do

September 19, 2011 Blog

More Signs We’ve Won This Stupid ‘Culture War’

Two things.  First of all, bigots in North Carolina are trying to push through a constitutional amendment banning marriage or any other legal arrangements for

September 09, 2011 Blog, News
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