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Why The ‘Ex-Gay’ Industry Is Going Under

In an Advocate op-ed, TWO explains why the "ex-gay" industry is in deep trouble. A new poll shows they are unlikely to recover

March 20, 2013 Opinion, Press Release

‘This Is What Love In Action Looks Like’ Takes Top Honors at Indie Memphis Film Festival

Filmmaker Morgan Jon Fox has been touring the nation this fall, premiering his six-years-in-the-making documentary This Is What Love In Action Looks Like. The film

November 07, 2011 Blog

Memphis Flyer Covers the Evolution of John Smid

All should read this great piece by Bianca Phillips in Memphis’s alternative newsweekly, the Memphis Flyer. In it, she takes the reader back on a

October 20, 2011 Blog, Press Release

Love In Action’s Residential Program Is No More

Huge news from Memphis, which has long been the regrettable home of one of Exodus International’s flagship models, Love In Action.  The residential program, which

September 02, 2011 Blog

Week of Actions to Counter Houston ‘Pray Away the Gay’ Conference in September

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE LGBT Groups to Host Week of Education, Entertainment, and Protests to Show Harm of ‘Ex-Gay’ Programs in Houston What: On September 10,

August 22, 2011 Blog

Beyond Ex-Gay’s Peterson Toscano On Why People Enter ‘Ex-Gay’ Programs

Peterson Toscano has a real knack for clearly explaining the “ex-gay” survivor experience. Check out his video: When an ex-gay survivor shares an account of

April 05, 2011 Blog

Tweeting the Harm of the ‘Ex-Gay’ Industry

Ever since our successful petition to have Exodus International’s iPhone app deleted from the app store, untold numbers have had a chance to learn about

March 31, 2011 Blog

Few Atheists Enter Ex-Gay Programs But Many Atheists Exit Them

The headline is a direct quote from well-known former ex-gay Peterson Toscano. And I think there’s a lot of truth to his statement. Change is

July 23, 2009 Blog

Antigay Clergy Fear Competition for Biblical Insights about Gender

A British evangelical group called “Church Society for Bible, Church and Nation” — an oxymoron, to be sure — warns that former ex-gay Peterson Toscano

May 12, 2009 Blog

Question Sexuality? First, Question the Question

The roadside billboards of the ex-gay movement tell passing motorists — who often just wanted to drink their coffee and drive in peace — to

February 23, 2009 Blog
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