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Bryan Fischer Seems To Endorse Sanctions Against Enjoyable, Non-Procreative Sex

Also, Liz Cheney is not a patriot because she likes gays too much

July 26, 2013 Opinion

Phyllis Schlafly Preaches On Dangers of Attractive Feminists

Man, don’t you hate it when feminists commit the greatest sin of all, that of being pretty? Phyllis Schlafly sure does, as she explained to

April 05, 2012 Blog

Wingnut Woman Says Republican War On Women Is Actually Liberal War On Men

Or something along those lines, I’m not quite clear… Kathryn Jean Lopez, the most embarrassing person on the internet: I am a woman and I’m

March 20, 2012 Blog

An Adult Conversation About Sex and Contraception

I agree with vacuumslayer here, that it’s almost mindblowing that, in the year 2012, we are having a political discussion about the merits of birth

February 17, 2012 Blog

Dennis Prager Works Out Male Insecurity Issues In Online Column

When wingnut writer Dennis Prager writes about sex and relationships, you know you’re in for a full-on, misogynistic weakling display of ignorance. For instance, he

November 01, 2011 Blog

Mississippi’s Personhood Amendment and the American Family Association [UPDATED]

Occasionally it’s good to check in and see what our favorite anti-gay hate groups are up to when they’re not hating gay people. Lest we

October 26, 2011 Blog

A Portrait Of Biblical Marriage?

This will probably make you retch if you are a thinking person, so if you happen to be eating lunch right now, I am sorry.

September 13, 2011 Blog, Opinion

Hate Group Lackey Will Explain ‘Labor Day’ For You Now

If you are like normal Americans, you were under the impression that yesterday, Labor Day, is a holiday where we celebrate the accomplishments of the

September 06, 2011 Blog

Focus on the Family Encourages Ladies to Settle for Less

Fundamentalist Christian Misogyny 101. Ladies need to get their heads out of “emo-porn,” you see. What is “emo-porn?” Welllllll: Loneliness strikes at the heart of

September 02, 2011 Blog

Gay Man Confronts Tim Pawlenty on Marriage Equality; Pawlenty Punts

An openly gay high school student confronted Tim Pawlenty about his lack of support for marriage equality at the Iowa State Fair.  Predictably, Pawlenty punted,

August 12, 2011 Blog
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