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Mennonites Serenade Anti-Gay Pastor After Conviction in Child Abduction

Remember Kenneth Miller, the Mennonite pastor who became a hero to anti-gay religious extremists for helping a self-proclaimed “ex-lesbian” smuggle her daughter out of the United

August 15, 2012 Blog

This is What Hate Looks Like: Father Cruelly Disowns Son for Coming Out

The shockingly cruel letter below, from a father to his newly-out gay son, has been spreading like wildfire through social media. When I first saw

August 07, 2012 Blog

If Children Are Required To Give A Relationship “Life,” Then I Pity Linda Harvey

Here is Linda Harvey, doing her old anti-gay song and dance, the one she does 24/7, never saying anything new, just re-arranging words in order

June 18, 2012 Blog

Zach Wahls Talks To Reason TV

We all love Zach Wahls, the straight son of lesbian parents who came to prominence when he delivered a memorable speech to the Iowa House

May 29, 2012 Blog

Chris Matthews and Barney Frank Tear Tony Perkins Apart

This is beautiful. As David Badash points out, Chris Matthews seems to have “evolved” on the subject of Tony Perkins’ extremism. This interview springboards from

May 11, 2012 Blog

A Letter from a 15 Year-Old Boy to His Gay, Adoptive Dads

Patrick Wallace posted this over at HuffPost, and it needs to be shared far and wide. A little backstory: this is a kid who was

January 20, 2012 Blog

New Study: Teens Raised By Lesbians Fare Just As Well As Other Teens

Yet another study confirming that the Religious Right’s nonsense about gays being unfit parents is just that — nonsense: A new study has found that

January 19, 2012 Blog

Homophobic Michigan Mayor Gets an Earful From Gay Family

If you missed this story, last week, Janice Daniels, mayor of Troy, Michigan, embarrassed herself quite a bit when one of her Facebook posts started

December 13, 2011 Blog

A ‘Christian’ Book to Ruin Your Family’s Holiday Season

Does a Christian God love unconditionally? Of course — until Christian Rightists elevate themselves above God and say otherwise. In her book, “Somone’s Son,” Brenda

October 22, 2011 Blog

NOM Personally Attacks Gay Family For No Reason

This is typical behavior from the National Organization for Marriage, but should be pointed out nonetheless. As Joe points out, whoever’s manning NOM’s blog these

October 03, 2011 Blog
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