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Pakistani Government Seeks to Ban Texting of Words Like “Gay” and “Flogging the Dolphin”

Many Pakistanis on the internet are making fun of their government quite a bit right now: If Pakistan’s telecom regulator has its way, millions of

November 21, 2011 Blog

The Nation American Conservatives Want To Build

It turns out it already exists!  Nick Kristof explains in the New York Times: With Tea Party conservatives and many Republicans balking at raising the

June 06, 2011 Blog

Pakistani Supreme Court Officially Recognizes Transgender People

Wow, this is an interesting development: Late on Wednesday, the Supreme Court in Pakistan ordered that the government officially recognize a separate gender for Pakistan’s

December 28, 2009 Blog

Stirring The Pot Until It Boils Over

This post can also be read at: The Huffington Post The Falls Church News Press Sometimes, words can kill. A vocabulary carefully crafted into

August 12, 2009 Blog
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