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Putin Tops The Advocate’s List Of The Most Homophobic People In The World

Check out The Advocate's 13 most homophobic people in the world in

December 13, 2013 News

Maggie Gallagher: Boycotts Are Apparently Only Okay When NOM Starts Them

Maggie also asks "what is McCarthyism," presumably because she has no idea

July 15, 2013 Opinion

LionsGate Films Releases Statement About ‘Ender’s Game’ And Orson Scott Card

At least they're paying attention to the growing backlash

July 12, 2013 News

Message From The Gay Community To Orson Scott Card: ‘Try Again, Sir.’

Oh, how he wishes we would just forget his decades of anti-gay activism ever happened

July 10, 2013 Opinion
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