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One Million Moms Upset About Portrayal Of Human Body On Discovery Channel

The Thirty Cranky Mothers From Alabama are at it again

July 11, 2013 News

One Million Moms Very Upset About Attractive Man’s Body In Kraft Ad

Kraft is bringing sexy back to picnics, and the One Million Moms just won't stand for that

June 12, 2013 Opinion

‘One Million Moms’ Upset about Shaving Commercial Not Directed at Them

The fundamentalist women's group is very upset that genitals were alluded to on television. GENITALS SHOULD NEVER BE ALLUDED

May 06, 2013 Opinion

“One Million” Moms Very Upset With Amazon

Recently Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos gave $2.5 million to the fight to preserve marriage equality in Washington state. Now the eighteen disgruntled women who make

July 31, 2012 Blog

“One Million” Moms All Upset About Television Program They’ve Never Seen

The world’s most pathetic wanna-be theocrats are at it again. One Million Moms, the group numbering at least a few thousand, according to their Facebook

July 19, 2012 Blog

Scream, One Million Moms, Scream! JC Penney Has Done It Again!

Dear One Million Moms, this is your cue to SCREAM! First it was that homosexual lesbian pervert Ellen DeGeneres, AKA the most beloved celebrity in

May 30, 2012 Blog

Hate Group Thinks Its Boycott Matters

I have two tabs open in my browser which fall directly under this headline, so let’s kill two extremely dumb birds. Here are Bryan Fischer

May 21, 2012 Blog

QOTD, RE: One Million Moms and Their Various Boycotts

Amanda Marcotte makes a solid case today that, as with most complaints from wingnuts, where they hide behind what’s best for “families” or for “the

May 09, 2012 Blog

One Million Moms (47 Moms) Upset With JC Penney Again

Several months ago, the “One Million Moms,” a subsidiary of the American Family Association hate group, was very upset that JC Penney destroyed religious freedom

May 07, 2012 Blog

One Million Moms Hate Group Gives Up On JC Penney Boycott, Goes Off To Yell At Other Stores

Awww, better luck next time! If you’ll remember, the “One Million Moms,” a subsidiary of the American Family Association hate group, was all up in

March 08, 2012 Blog
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