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Jon Stewart Navigates The Confusing Territory Of Marriage Equality In Red States

The segment on marriage equality in the red states is called Red Weddings

January 17, 2014 News

BREAKING: District Court Judge Rules Oklahoma’s Marriage Ban Unconstitutional!

The decision has been stayed pending appeal

January 14, 2014 News

Oklahoma Gay Rights Leader Finds Common Ground With Anti-Gay ‘Patriot Pastor’

Sometimes the first step is to get them to see us as human

December 18, 2013 News

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin Cuts Off All Spousal Guard Benefits In Stunning Display Of Childish Bigotry

Wingnuts sure are showing their true colors these days

November 22, 2013 News

Three Gay Couples Have Now Married In Oklahoma Due To Loopholes In Tribal Law

Loopholes in tribal law allow gay Oklahomans to marry as long as one of the spouses is a member of the tribe

October 23, 2013 News

LGBT Advocates Will Counter Radical ‘Ex-Gay’ Conference In Oklahoma City

TWO and Cimarron Alliance Will Host Thursday Night Event (7PM) To Expose Restored Hope Network’s Fraudulent ‘Pray Away the Gay’ Programs

June 18, 2013 Press Release

Oklahoma Judge Denies Name Change Requests from Trans Women

Somehow, I don’t think we’ll be hearing any bellyaching from right wingers like Mike Huckabee and Tony Perkins about this judicial activist (from the Oklahoman):

September 18, 2012 Blog

Please Refrain From Making Obvious Jokes About Oklahoma Rep. James Lankford

This guy, as the Rude Pundit points out, thinks it’s okay to fire people for being gay: Wow, James. You are as ignorant as you

May 15, 2012 Blog

Random Oklahoma Teenagers for Santorum

One of the reasons I’m so certain that the battle for LGBT equality will be a successful one is because of the well–documented generation gap

March 13, 2012 Blog

Gay Man Who Escaped Harassment in Army Sent Back to Oklahoma for Trial

In 2007, 18-year-old J.T. Chestnut’s father forced the openly gay young man to join the army in order to “straighten him out.” In the army,

November 07, 2011 Blog
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