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Not All Like That: AnaYelsi in Orlando

AnaYelsi explains what motivates her to be a straight ally in the Christian Church

September 13, 2013 News

Not All Like That: Fred Clark AKA ‘Slacktivist’

Also, a great example of what happens when NALT Christians don't speak up

September 12, 2013 News

Former American Family Association Staff Attorney Endorses, Contributes to NALT Christians Project

Joe Murray used to work for the American Family Association. Now he wants you to know that Christians are Not All Like That

September 11, 2013 News

Not All Like That: Kristen In Orange County

Kristen wants to encourage NALT Christians to face their fears and speak out and be heard

September 11, 2013 News

Not All Like That: Rev. Dr. Louis Shockley

Rev. Dr. Shockley shares a message of inclusion for ALL people for the NALT project

September 10, 2013 News

Not All Like That: Ann In Indiana

Ann is a mom, a wife, a Sunday School teacher, a small group leader, and a NALT Christian

September 09, 2013 News

Not All Like That: Rosemary In Memphis

Rosemary is an Episcopalian in Memphis who is Not Like That

September 07, 2013 News

Not All Like That: Reverend Susan In Pasadena

Reverend Susan Russell is senior associate pastor at All Saints Church in Pasadena

September 06, 2013 News

Hate Group Spokesman Peter Sprigg Shows Why NALT Christians Project Is Necessary

Peter's crying wolf about how he's not a bigot

September 05, 2013 Opinion

Not All Like That: Colby In San Diego

Colby was one of the first submissions for the NALT Christians Project

September 05, 2013 News
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