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Prop 8 Decision Coming from 9th Circuit in a Few Minutes!

Says Jeremy! If you have to go use the facilities or something, now would be a good time

January 04, 2011 Blog

A Good Summary of Yesterday’s Prop 8 Appeal Hearing

It comes from Lyle Denniston at the SCOTUSblog.  The whole thing is an interesting read, but I wanted to highlight this: If there was a

December 07, 2010 Blog

Watch the Prop 8 Appeal LIVE

I’ve been out this morning, but if you’re not watching, and you want to be watching, here you go

December 06, 2010 Blog

Ninth Circuit Will Allow Prop 8 Appeal Hearing to be Televised

In case you didn’t hear this when it came out late yesterday: A federal appeals court Wednesday authorized the televising of a Dec. 6 hearing

November 18, 2010 Blog

Ninth Circuit to Hear Prop 8 Appeal Case on December 6

I got the text message about this yesterday afternoon and forgot to throw something up, so in case you haven’t heard: A federal appeals court

October 22, 2010 Blog

Ninth Circuit Grants Emergency Stay on DADT Ruling

This is getting ridiculous: A federal appeals court on Wednesday temporarily stalled the landmark court decision allowing openly gay recruits to be accepted into the

October 21, 2010 Blog

The Big Federal Marriage Trial In California Set To Begin

Today, the big federal marriage case in California, Perry v. Schwarzenegger, begins. In a San Francisco courtroom, ideological opposites David Boies (liberal) and Ted Olson

January 11, 2010 Blog, News
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