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Truth Wins Out Thanks Newsweek For Thorough Follow-Up On ‘Ex-Gay’ Industry

Today's reporting fully corrects the record on the publication's 1998 piece on "ex-gay" therapy

May 01, 2014 News

Why Is Newsweek’s Parent Company Publishing Op-Eds From ‘Ex-Gay’ Charlatans?

If this indicative of the owners' commitment to journalism, it's lacking

April 11, 2014 News

Newsweek’s New Owner Supports The Consumer Fraud Of ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy

Time will tell whether Johnathan Davis will run Newsweek with journalistic integrity

March 31, 2014 News

PETITION: Ask Newsweek To Correct The Record On Their 1998 Cover Story On John Paulk

The 1998 Newsweek story propelled a fraudulent movement into the mainstream. The record should be corrected

April 26, 2013 News, Press Release

Yikes, Newsweek

No. Just no. A rainbow halo? Really? [h/t Shakesville

May 14, 2012 Blog

Look Into Her Eyes

Now spin around three times and look into her eyes! Um, caption contest? [h/t Joe

August 08, 2011 Blog

Newsweek: Obama Needs To Stop The Wimp Thing

Great assessment by Newsweek: With the Proposition 8 fight, Obama has fallen short in a different way, by his reluctance to join an emerging social

September 05, 2010 Blog

The Tipping Point on LGBT Equality Has Arrived

Weekly Column A couple of weeks ago I wrote, “The war over gay rights in America and other modern nations has been largely won. Too

June 07, 2010 Blog, Opinion, Press Release
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