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Marriage Equality Passes New Jersey House By Large Margin; Wingnut Governor Still Promises to Veto

Good news, but it’s too bad the blowhard governor of New Jersey is still promising to veto the bill: The 42-33 vote Thursday sends the

February 16, 2012 Blog

Marriage Equality Clears New Jersey Senate 24-16

Great news from the New Jersey Senate, but a few more supporters are needed to override Governor Chris Christie’s promised veto: New Jersey lawmakers gave

February 13, 2012 Blog

It Gets Better: The New Jersey Congressional Delegation

Nice. I would like to point out that Rep. Leonard Lance of New Jersey’s 7th has a distinct “R” behind his name. Jon Runyan of

October 26, 2011 Blog

LaBarbera: Schools Can Stop Bullying While Still Making LGBT Kids Feel Bad

Oh, he doesn’t say it in those words, but that’s the basic gist.  If schools teach that bullying people because of their sexual orientation or

March 10, 2011 Blog

Rutgers Freshman Commits Suicide After Students Out Him As Gay

College students aren’t immune, it seems: A Rutgers University freshman posted a goodbye message on his Facebook page before jumping to his death after his

September 29, 2010 Blog

Christian Rightists to Public Libraries: Censor Others, Not Us

Last month, the Burlington County, New Jersey, public library director Gail Sweet — acting in violation of library guidelines — censored the book Revolutionary Voices: A

August 17, 2010 Blog

Real Kids From Real Gay Families Speak Up in New Jersey

Put this in your pipe and smoke it, Brian Brown. (h/t Joe Sudbay)

July 22, 2010 Blog

That’s Right, Charlie

A typical whine from Charlie Butts at OneNewsNow: Same-sex ‘marriage’ [sic] advocates won’t take no for an answer On Thursday, the New Jersey Senate ended

January 08, 2010 Blog

A Sudden Sadistic Display of Religious Delusion

What happened when the New Jersey Senate vote on marriage equality went down? If you skip to around 1:12 in this video, you’ll see a

January 08, 2010 Blog

Marriage Vote Fails in New Jersey (UPDATED)

14-21. Not a surprise, but still disappointing. UPDATE: Ah, but it looks like they’ll be going back to court, and Garden State Equality seems to

January 07, 2010 Blog
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