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Mitt Romney Booed At NAACP For Promising to Repeal Obamacare

Oh, this is just funny: My favorite part is when, after he’s booed, he claims he’ll replace Obamacare with a bill that does things that

July 11, 2012 Blog

Discriminatory Pastor Resigns From NAACP

Reverend Keith Ratliff, up until recently, was the president of the Iowa-Nebraska chapter of the NAACP. Unfortunately, Reverend Keith is one of those who supports

June 08, 2012 Blog

Matt Barber Teaches The NAACP A Lesson About Civil Rights

If we weren’t dealing with such high caliber folks in our opposition, the above headline would not be possible, but yes, indeed, Matt Barber is

May 29, 2012 Blog

NAACP President Ben Jealous Talks To Rachel Maddow About The Importance Of Supporting Marriage Equality

The issue of marriage equality is important for Ben Jealous, as he explained when announcing the NAACP’s endorsement of equal marriage rights. His parents’ own

May 23, 2012 Blog

Alveda King Is None Too Happy About The NAACP’s Marriage Equality Endorsement

Alveda King’s reaction to the NAACP’s endorsement of marriage equality has all of the hallmarks of an “Alveda King reaction”: she makes it about abortion

May 22, 2012 Blog

NAACP Endorses Marriage Equality as a Civil Right

Last Saturday, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) — the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organization — passed an historic

May 21, 2012 Blog

Alvin McEwen Explains A Few Things to Porno Pete

I think this speaks for itself. Alvin sent this to Peter LaBarbera, in regards to Peter’s newfound obsession with that weird Patrick Wooden rent-a-pastor, as

February 14, 2012 Blog

Anti-Gay Conservatives and Teabaggers Agree: They are Oppressed Martyrs! (UPDATED)

UPDATE BELOW You have to read this hysterical screed, just posted by Maggie Gallagher at the NOM blog, to believe it. It’s written by a

July 20, 2010 Blog
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