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Netherlands Offers Asylum to Gay Iraqis

The government of the Netherlands has decided to offer asylum to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered Iraqis after the Dutch immigration minister found that LGBT

July 16, 2012 Blog

Gay Panic Defense in Full Flower in Larry King Murder Trial

The trial has begun in the slaying of 15 year-old Larry King.  If you need a refresher on the details: Brandon McInerney, now 17, is

July 06, 2011 Blog, News

Biblical Literalist Stones Gay Man To Death

Yeah, so this happened in Pennsylvania: A 28-year-old Upper Darby man has been charged with murder after telling police that he stoned a 70-year-old man

March 18, 2011 Blog

Apologize To Scott Lively? Heavens, No

Peter LaBarbera, Bryan Fischer, Matt Barber, and the rest of the usual suspects, are triumphantly asking for apologies from the mainstream media and gay activists

February 03, 2011 Blog

Male Model Kills, Castrates Lover to ‘Cure’ Them of Homosexuality

Everything about this gruesome story is just bizarre, but it speaks of the self-hatred engendered by religious teaching, which could lead a person to try

January 10, 2011 Blog

Leader of Montana Teabaggers Jokes About Anti-Gay Violence on Facebook

This is a nice way to wake up on Friday morning.  Via Andy Towle, we learn that Tim Ravndal is the president of Montana’s Big

September 03, 2010 Blog

Exodus Affiliate Declines to Condemn Kill-the-Gays Youth Group That It Hosted

The so-called “Living Word Christian Center,” an Exodus International member organization in suburban Minneapolis, said it neither supports nor opposes a Minnesota-based Christian punk-rock group

June 04, 2010 Blog

Iraqi Gays Face Gruesome Torture, Murder; U.S. Thus Far Does Nothing

From Doug Ireland of the Gay City News, April 30: As the murder campaign targeting Iraqi gays intensifies, a leading Arabic television network last week

May 05, 2009 Blog

TWO Purchases ‘Boycott Jamaica’ Site

I have long been outspoken on the abuses of GLBT people in Jamaica and the need for action. I can’t imagine why any American, European

March 08, 2009 Blog
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