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Mitt Romney Chooses Gays Over Grits and Settles In Blue State

Romney says "kiss my grits" to Red States and moves to gay worshiping, pot smoking, Latino loving, liberal celebrating, California.

November 20, 2012 News

Mean Mitt Is A Rotten Apple In A Bad Barrel

In this election cycle, much of America has been riveted by the eye-popping extremism of several Republican candidates. Donald Trump, the rich builder turned ridiculous

October 30, 2012 Opinion

Shocking: Romney Refused to Offer Accurate Birth Certificates to Children of Same-Sex Couples

The fact that Mitt Romney would go so far out of his way to humiliate and degrade same-sex couples, even as they celebrated one of

October 25, 2012 Blog, News, Opinion

Log Cabin Republicans Endorse Mitt Romney

The Log Cabin Republicans announced today in a press release that they endorse Republican Mitt Romney — an outspokenly anti-gay candidate — for president, declining

October 23, 2012 Opinion

Atheists Greet Mitt Romney in Florida with Ad Condemning Mormonism’s Anti-Gay Doctrines

Today, American Atheists launched a mobile billboard campaign in Boca Raton, Florida near the site of the final presidential debate. The billboard points to Mormonism’s

October 22, 2012 Blog

Salt Lake Tribune Endorses Obama Over Romney

Well this is interesting: the largest newspaper in the Mormon-heavy state of Utah has declined to endorse Mitt Romney, the first-ever Mormon presidential nominee from

October 19, 2012 Blog

So, Who Won The Second Debate?

We’d love your thoughts on who won the second debate

October 17, 2012 Blog

Big Bird Has Two Dads

Big Bird has two dads! At least now we know why notorious homophobe Mitt Romney singled him out during last week's presidential debate

October 10, 2012 Blog

Rick Santorum Opines About Big Bird

Rick Santorum, one of America's most outspoken homophobes, remarked on Sesamegate: " can kill things and still like them..."

October 05, 2012 Blog

Mitt Unplugged: The Entire Speech That Will Doom His Campaign

Interesting information from The Atlantic: It appears that the 47 percent figure represents all of those who pay no income tax, rather than the Democratic

September 18, 2012 Blog
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