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Exodus: Get Over it and Move on Already

It is difficult to believe, but Exodus International is still pouting and hung up on losing its iPhone App. Waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy back in March, Truth Wins

August 11, 2011 Blog

Former Exodus Activist Michael Ensley Now A Homoerotic Art House Photographer In Orlando

Every now and again we highlight “ex-gay” activists who disappear from the scene. One such individual is Mike Ensley, who was laid off from Exodus

April 13, 2011 Blog, Press Release

Layoffs at Exodus International Confirmed

Updated at 7 p.m. Ex-Gay Watch reports that Orlando, Fla.-based Exodus International has laid off two of its ex-gay outreach workers: Exodus Youth “analyst” Mike

December 19, 2008 Blog

Ray Boltz’s Ex-Wife Offers Graceful Contrast to Ex-Gay Insults

While ex-gay activist Mike Ensley insults gay Christian singer Ray Boltz, former ex-gay Peterson Toscano points to a much more graceful and life-affirming attitude by

December 16, 2008 Blog

Exodus Vows to Continue Aiding Religious-Right Political Alliance

After claiming last week that the ex-gay network had stepped back from public policy, Exodus admitted otherwise this week — but without admitting the apparent

March 11, 2008 Blog

Exodus Youth Activist Vows to Continue Antigay Politics

Exodus youth activist Mike Ensley vows to continue using his leadership position in the ex-gay network as a soapbox to silence gay students, withhold accurate

March 09, 2008 Blog
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