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Michigan “Educator” Temporarily Prohibits Children From Using Phrase “Gay Apparel” In Song

It’s weird when the War on Christmas starts hitting itself. Join me in asking these Michigan wingnuts, “Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you

December 05, 2011 Blog

TWO Special Report: The Call Detroit – A Slick Political Rally Disguised As a Religious Revival

TWO goes undercover to report on virulently homophobic and 'ex-gay' promoting revival in Detroit

November 19, 2011 Blog, Opinion, Press Release, Special Reports

Colbert Nails It

If you haven’t seen his segment on anti-bullying laws and the AFA’s view that they’re “a Trojan horse for the homosexual agenda,” you must!

November 11, 2011 Blog

Michigan Pastor Fighting for LGBT Protections in Tourist-Dependent Town of Holland

Holland, Michigan, a conservative tourist town best known for its popular May tulip festival*, is now gaining a different kind of fame. NPR reports that

November 08, 2011 Blog

Former Michigan Assistant AG Andrew Shirvell Is Victim, Says Andrew Shirvell

Do you all remember the bizarre campaign of stalking undertaken by former Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell, against the gay student body president at

May 12, 2011 Blog

Michigan Attorney General’s Office Continues To Fail Upward

If you’ll remember, the thing the Michigan Attorney General’s office is best known for is Andrew Shirvell, the assistant AG who embarked on a completely

March 16, 2011 Blog

Ex-Gay Survivor to Exodus: ‘Leave the Kids Alone’

Op-ed by Patrick McAlvey As a survivor of “ex-gay” therapy, I was mortified to learn that Exodus International is shifting its focus in 2011 to

November 24, 2010 Blog, Opinion

Amazing 14 Year-Old Student Stands Up For Teacher in School Board Meeting

This video has gone sort of viral over the weekend, but if you haven’t seen it, it’s worth watching. This is Graeme Taylor, and he’s

November 15, 2010 Blog

Andrew Shirvell FIRED From Assistant Attorney General Position

So, this happened: A Michigan assistant attorney general who started a blog against the University of Michigan’s openly gay student body president has been fired,

November 08, 2010 Blog

Wait, Is Gary Glenn Saying MI Candidate Toni Sessoms Is Gay?

This is hilarious, in terms of the extreme desperation the Religious Right is starting to show toward all things gay.  It’s a robo-call from Gary

October 26, 2010 Blog
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