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Fringe Catholic Sect in Mexico Says Virgin Mary Opposes Public Schools

Here’s the latest example of religious fanaticism run amok, this time in Mexico: according to a report from the Associated Press, a fringe, unrecognized sect

August 29, 2012 Blog

Miss Universe Supports LGBT Equality

Miss Universe Jimena Navarrete said this on Mexican radio: Look, I believe that every person in this world has the right to profess the beliefs

September 01, 2010 Blog

America: ‘The Straight Meat In A Big Gay Sandwich’

Colbert has been awesome lately. Here he is talking about marriage equality in Mexico: [h/t Nick Seaver @ AmBlogGay

August 17, 2010 Blog

Mexican Supreme Court Votes 9-2 for Adoption Rights for Gay Couples

They just continue to show us up. Having just ruled that marriages performed in Mexico City be recognized throughout the nation, the Supreme Court upheld,

August 16, 2010 Blog
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