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Movie Trailer on Anti-Gay Psychosis In Uganda

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July 22, 2010 Blog

Las Vegas Mega-Church Supports ‘Kill the Gays’ Pastor

From Newser: A controversial condom burning Ugandan pastor, Martin Ssempa, who is a supporter of the homicidal Anti-Homosexuality Bill, is being financially supported by the

July 14, 2010 Blog

Quick Thought On Uganda

For more than a year, we have been reporting on the Anti-Homosexuality Bill winding its way through Uganda’s legislature. The impetus for the bill is

July 13, 2010 Blog

Human Rights Conference In Uganda? Is this Some Sort of Sick, Twisted Joke????

I was reading the newspaper this morning and came upon a shocking story. It turns out that members of the International Criminal Court gathered in

May 31, 2010 Blog

Martin Ssempa, Blogging?

It’s not verified, but as Jeff Sharlet pointed out to me, it does track with past statements from the “Ugandan Rick Warren.” So go leave

March 01, 2010 Blog

Uganda Tabloid Attacks Televangelist Hinn; A Ploy by Rival Ssempa?

The Ugandan tabloid Red Pepper is an instrument of that nation’s ruling family, and it is periodically used by corrupt Uganda evangelicals — among them,

February 24, 2010 Blog

U.S. Leaders Found Battling Gays instead of HIV/AIDS in Uganda

At The Daily Beast, Max Blumenthal calls the Obama administration on the carpet for affirming Rick Warren and allies’ efforts to deny access to condoms

January 17, 2010 Blog

Who Does Martin Ssempa Remind You Of?

Martin Ssempa has more power than the American I’m thinking of, but read this piece by Ariel Rubin, which describes a press conference pastor Ssempa

January 17, 2010 Blog

Violence, AIDS in Uganda: The Buck Stops with U.S. Taxpayers

The brewing human-rights disaster in Uganda has thus far been blamed squarely on those who launched the current campaign of violence and brutal punishment: Exodus

November 03, 2009 Blog

Uganda Ex-Gay Vigilante Exposed?

George Oundo, the poster man for a campaign launched by U.S. ex-gay political leaders to promote vigilantism and arrest against same-sex-attracted persons in Uganda, has

August 27, 2009 Blog
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