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Stephen Colbert Covers The Well-Known Connection Between Marijuana Legislation And Gay Marriage

Once you legalize "Satan's oregano," gay marriage comes soon after

December 06, 2013 News

You Can’t Smoke Away The Blokes

Alan Chambers admits that he still gets lusty when he sees a swarthy gentleman, or whatever his type is.  Now a formerly Christian “ex-gay” writer

March 14, 2011 Blog

Pat Robertson Favors Decriminalizing Marijuana

Raw Story reports that Rev. Pat Robertson is in favor of decriminalizing marijuana: We’re locking up people that have taken a couple puffs of marijuana

December 23, 2010 Blog

What Do Marijuana and Marriage Equality In California Have In Common?

Today’s New York Times featured an article about a ballot initiative to legalize wacky weed in the Golden State. Backers of the measure say taxing

March 26, 2010 Blog
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