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Will Janet Boynes Now Build an Aviary with her BFF Marcus Bachmann?

There’s some gay birds that need reparative therapy, you see: Same-sex pairs of monogamous birds are just as attached and faithful to each other as

August 16, 2011 Blog

Marcus Bachmann Eats Corn Dog

What? Michele won the Iowa straw poll. This is important stuff. [h/t Tbogg

August 14, 2011 Blog

Second City Visits the Bachmann Clinic!

This is so awesome. [h/t Michael

August 11, 2011 Blog

No, Marcus Bachmann, ‘Silver Fox’ Does Not Mean ‘Gay’

Though he can be excused for the mistake, as gays do have a certain propensity for naming themselves after members of the animal kingdom… In

August 09, 2011 Blog

What Video Did Michele and Marcus Bachmann Watch at Church Yesterday?

Over a year ago, I posted this video from purported “ex-gay” Adam Hood under the headline “Gayest ‘Ex-gay’ Ever.”  We all had a great laugh

August 08, 2011 Blog

TWO Special Report: Meet Janet Boynes, The Bachmann Family’s ‘Ex-Gay’ Minister

Janet Boynes is one of the most outspoken purveyors of discredited "pray away the gay" conversion therapy. Learn about her unsavory past

Josh Groban & David Letterman Know: You Can’t Pray Away the Gay!

Not only are people still talking about Marcus Bachmann and the sham “ex-gay therapy” being offered at his Minnesota clinic, but last night David Letterman

August 02, 2011 Blog

TWO’s John Becker on the David Pakman Show

John Becker went on The David Pakman Show yesterday to talk about the Bachmann clinic scandal. Enjoy!

July 22, 2011 Blog, Press Release

Chris Barron of GOProud Does Not Like It When You Throw Glitter At People

Yesterday, we posted video of the latest “glitter attack,” as a “horde of gay barbarians” went to Marcus Bachmann’s wingnut clinic and, you know, threw

July 22, 2011 Blog

Hey, Did You Hear Michele Bachmann [Allegedly] Gets Headaches Sometimes?!?! Tucker Carlson’s Website Says!

[Strap in, y’all, as I am about to defend Michele Bachmann…to a point.  And Wayne and I seem to be of two minds on the

July 19, 2011 Blog, Opinion
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