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East Baton Rouge Police Arrested Men For Agreeing to Consensual, Private Sex

The sheriff claims to be ignorant of the Supreme Court case that rendered the law unenforceable

July 29, 2013 News

Friday the 13th: Teh Gays Are Coming!

In honor of the superstition-laden Friday the 13th, Jeremy Hooper over at Good As You posted two appropriately superstition-laden videos of a wingnut Louisiana pastor who went on

July 13, 2012 Blog

Anti-Gay Louisiana Wingnuts Very Nice To Local Drag Queen, Wingnut Reports

Rod Dreher is one of those writers I don’t mess with much,  not because he doesn’t consistently churn out nonsense — he does — but

January 10, 2012 Blog

Supreme Court Rejects Appeal From Two Gay Dads

in 2006, Oren Adar and Mickey Ray Smith legally adopted a Louisiana child while they were living in NY; they wanted both their names to appear

October 11, 2011 Blog

Religious Right Continues to Put Kids Last in Louisiana

A strong anti-bullying measure passed Louisiana’s House Education Committee, opposed, as usual, by the usual wingnuts: The 8-4 vote, which came over the objections of

May 13, 2011 Blog

Louisiana Baptist Upset About Lady GaGa Song

Well, this is a tragedy: In a recently released song titled “Born This Way,” pop singer Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known to her fawning

February 25, 2011 Blog
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