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Empress of Integrity Linda Harvey Encourages Alan Chambers To Lie More

I’m not at all exaggerating with that headline. Linda Harvey, the most unhingedly homophobic woman in America, is really unhappy with Alan Chambers. Why? Because

July 13, 2012 Blog

Linda Harvey: Americans Are Having Affairs With Fake Gods, Or Possibly No Gods At All

Would it be unkind of me to suggest that someone’s medications might need to be adjusted? Just sayin’, because this quote from Linda Harvey, the

July 03, 2012 Blog

If Children Are Required To Give A Relationship “Life,” Then I Pity Linda Harvey

Here is Linda Harvey, doing her old anti-gay song and dance, the one she does 24/7, never saying anything new, just re-arranging words in order

June 18, 2012 Blog

Linda Harvey Will Find Way To Smite Gay Pride Celebrations Through Prayer

Happy Pride and stuff! I hope you all are celebrating Pride in your own way, whether that involves going to a parade or getting together

June 15, 2012 Blog

Hate Group Lady Wishes Non-Gay Dads Happy Fathers’ Day!

Linda Harvey must be such a joy to be around. Such a chipper peach, I imagine. Miss Congeniality over there, if you can’t tell from

June 14, 2012 Blog

“Ex-Gay” DL Foster Speaks to “Pro-Family” Linda Harvey, Bizarre Hate Ensues

In one corner, we have DL Foster, the “ex-gay” who thinks Dan Savage should be arrested for trying to help gay kids, presumably because DL

May 08, 2012 Blog

Wingnut Scientific Beliefs

The great thing about this hilarious list from Jesus’ General, of Republican scientific beliefs, is that it’s probably not all that far off from what the

April 17, 2012 Blog

Concerned Women for America: How To Convince Ourselves We Don’t Hate Gays

They just don’t get it. Joe tips us off to this piece by Concerned Man Mario Diaz of the Concerned Women for America, where he

April 10, 2012 Blog

Linda Harvey’s Ten-Point Plan To Encourage Truancy on Day of Silence

What’s going on with the most hateful woman in the United States of America? Well, she’s rolled out ten reasons why parents should keep their

April 02, 2012 Blog

SPLC’s Expanded List of Anti-Gay Hate Groups is a Veritable Bigot Parade

As our regular readers will know, the Southern Poverty Law Center released an expanded list of anti-gay hate groups earlier this week as a part

March 09, 2012 Blog
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