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Linda Harvey’s New Book Will Hurt LGBT Kids

The sad thing is that some of the parents will read this book out of love

December 30, 2013 News

Linda Harvey Attempts To Make Point, Calls Obama ‘Most Racist President In U.S. History’

Because white right-wing activists care about nothing more than the plight of African-Americans

December 03, 2013 News

Linda Harvey Cites Fictitious Harassment Story In Tirade Against Transgender Rights

Facts aren't important when you're Linda Harvey

October 30, 2013 News

Brian Camenker: Gay Bashing Victims Bring It Upon Themselves

Unlike Linda Harvey, who doesn't think anti-gay violence is even a real thing

October 22, 2013 News

Linda Harvey Bitterly Bemoans Existence Of Gay Parents She Has Never Met

Responding to a diatribe from the Most Homophobic Woman In America

September 30, 2013 Opinion

Linda Harvey: Why Won’t Gays Stop Lying About Being Gay?

Linda wishes we would just admit that we're straight

August 30, 2013 News

Linda Harvey Claims People Become Gay Because They’re So Lonely They Want To Absorb Other People’s Personalities

Linda Harvey, making things up again. Who listens to her again

August 21, 2013 News

NOM’s Jennifer Roback Morse Competing For Linda Harvey ‘Excellence In Bigotry’ Award?

Like Linda Harvey, Morse simply doesn't accept the reality of the existence of gay people

August 01, 2013 Opinion

Linda Harvey’s Breathtaking Cruelty Toward Dying Gay Man And His Spouse

She is committed to holding the title of Most Homophobic Woman In America

July 30, 2013 News

Linda Harvey Urges Followers To Turn Kids Of Gay Parents Against Their Families

Somehow Linda managed to say something more hateful than she's ever said before

July 24, 2013 News
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