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The Disturbing Rise of ‘Ex-Gay’ Programs in South America

Edge Boston reporter, Peter Cassels, wrote an excellent story today detailing the rise of “ex-gay” clinics in South America. According to his thorough and informative

February 21, 2012 Blog

Ecuador To Shut Ex-Gay Camps After International Outcry

As reported on this blog and elsewhere, the ex-gay industry operates a number of “camps” or “clinics” in Ecuador, where lesbians undergo rape and torture, many

January 31, 2012 Blog

Sign Petition to Shut Down Torture Camps for Lesbians in Ecuador

The Advocate recently wrote about the testimony of lesbians from Ecuador who were forced into “prey away the gay” camps. These women report being raped, starved,

November 08, 2011 Blog

Castro Takes Responsibility for Past Persecution of Cuban LGBT People

This is not an invitation to get into The Cuba Discussion, but it is good when any world leader looks back on a nation’s past

August 31, 2010 Blog

U.S. Ex-Gay Activists Target Latin America for Next Round of Prejudice

For three decades, Exodus International has tried to fool the U.S. Christian Right into believing that homosexuality is caused by bad parenting and abuse that

October 28, 2009 Blog
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