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BREAKING: Kentucky Attorney General Will NOT Appeal Ruling That State Must Recognize Out Of State Marriages

The state will hire "outside counsel" to appeal the case

March 04, 2014 News

Federal Judge Orders Kentucky To Recognize Out Of State Same-Sex Marriages

If it seems like we're hearing stories like this every other day, it's because we are

February 27, 2014 News

Federal Judge Rules Kentucky Must Recognize Out Of State Same-Sex Marriages

Kentucky is one step closer to becoming a full marriage equality state

February 12, 2014 News

The Party Isn’t Over, But It’s Well Past Midnight for Homophobia in America

With the pace of change on LGBT issues, FRC's Tony Perkins should spruce up his resume or find a new group to hate

January 29, 2013 Uncategorized

Kentucky Church Won’t Sign Marriage Licenses Until Marriage Equality Comes

The Religious Right likes to moan about their “religious freedom.”  When they do this, it is useful to remember two things: 1.  They do not

April 21, 2011 Blog

Many of the People Who Vote Against LGBT Equality… [UPDATED]

are also making plans to go to this, without a hint of irony: Kentucky’s Democratic governor Steve Beshear announced yesterday that a creationism theme park

December 02, 2010 Blog

Meet Kentucky’s High School Basketball Coach for Girls Who Are Not Lesbians

And now, introducing a particularly unintelligent bigot named Jaye Collins, who is a basketball coach in Kentucky for high performing female athletes: I started the

September 16, 2010 Blog

Kentucky Students Perform ‘Live Homosexual Acts’ in Public

Students at Kentucky’s Murray State University engaged in “live homosexual acts” in public on Friday to raise “awareness about the lifestyle of gay members of

November 23, 2008 Blog

Kentucky Politicians Taking Lessons from Ex-Gay Holocaust Revisionist?

Kentucky's General Assembly has removed mention of the 50,000-plus gay victims of the Holocaust from a new law making additional Holocaust-education curriculum materials available to

April 16, 2008 Blog
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