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About Last Night

What can be said about last night’s election that hasn’t been said about malignant tumors?  Okay, let’s look at the good, the bad and the

November 03, 2010 Blog

Colbert: Gayness IS Like Alcoholism!

He’s totally right about this: “Being gay is like alcoholism. Too much and you have a problem. But there’s nothing wrong with social gayness, I

October 28, 2010 Blog

Late Friday Random Ten [Alison Krauss & David Mead edition]

Round-up!  Let’s remember our week! Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns is my new hero.  The new study which “shows” that gay parents have more

October 22, 2010 Blog

Colorado Republican Candidate Ken Buck Thinks Sexuality is a Choice, Like Alcoholism

I can’t decide whether this is more dumb, more offensive, or equally dumb and offensive. Colorado teabagger candidate Ken Buck was on Meet the Press

October 18, 2010 Blog
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