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Prop 8 Decision Coming from 9th Circuit in a Few Minutes!

Says Jeremy! If you have to go use the facilities or something, now would be a good time

January 04, 2011 Blog

Former Adviser: Vander Plaats, Failed Iowa Gubernatorial Candidate, ‘Obsessed’ With Gay Marriage

In the nicest language possible, without using words like “disturbed” or “truly bizarre,” Dan Moore, an attorney and former adviser to failed Iowa gubernatorial candidate

January 03, 2011 Blog

Ugandan High Court Ruling Prohibits Media from Outing Gays

A rare bit of good news from that nation: A Ugandan High Court judge has ruled that media companies in the country should not publish

January 03, 2011 Blog

The Christian Right’s Game Plan to Undermine the Judiciary and Armed Services

But the (anti)Freedom Foundation's strategy is not solely intended to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell. The group's campaign of legal harassment against minority servicemembers serves

December 22, 2010 Blog

Colorado: First Openly Gay Latina Supreme Court Justice Sworn In

Very cool: Deputy Attorney General Monica Marquez is the first female Hispanic Colorado Supreme Court Justice and she is also the first openly gay jurist

December 13, 2010 Blog

Three Quick Afternoon Links For Thee

It’s sort of a slow news day, but there are three interesting pieces sitting here as open tabs on my screen, so I will share

December 03, 2010 Blog

Prop 8 Supporters Try, Fail to Get Appeals Judge To Recuse Himself

Our opposition essentially believes that any judge who doesn’t hate gay people the way they do is inherently unqualified to preside over any case involving

December 03, 2010 Blog

Conservative Fox News Commentator Has a Few Words for Wingnuts About Marriage Equality

Obviously, I don’t agree with everything conservative Fox News contributor Margaret Hoover has to say in this piece on marriage equality, but her basic thrust

August 10, 2010 Blog
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