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Iowa Wingnuts Still Trying To Punish Judges Who Ruled For Marriage Equality

House Conservatives want to push judges out by reducing their pay. It won't work, but it's funny

April 24, 2013 Opinion

Judge Rejects Christian Right Witchhunt against Prop 8 Judge

A U.S. District Court judge dealt a setback today to Christian Right efforts to weed gay judges out of the federal judiciary system. Chief Judge

June 14, 2011 Blog

In Hearings For Lesbian Judge, Detractors Mostly Make Weird Sex Comments

Massachusetts is in the process of holding hearings for the confirmation of Barbara Lenk, who would be the first openly gay members of the Massachusetts

April 28, 2011 Blog

Colorado: First Openly Gay Latina Supreme Court Justice Sworn In

Very cool: Deputy Attorney General Monica Marquez is the first female Hispanic Colorado Supreme Court Justice and she is also the first openly gay jurist

December 13, 2010 Blog

Prop 8 Supporters Try, Fail to Get Appeals Judge To Recuse Himself

Our opposition essentially believes that any judge who doesn’t hate gay people the way they do is inherently unqualified to preside over any case involving

December 03, 2010 Blog

Shorter Entire Religious Right: Gays Shouldn’t Be Judges

Over the past week or so, it’s been reported that Vaughn Walker, the judge in the Prop 8 trial, is gay. This shouldn’t matter, because

February 11, 2010 Blog
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