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Christian to Christian: Ex-Gay Alan Chambers Gets Proof-texted

Christian author John Shore  translates and repudiates the latest godtalk of Exodus International president Alan Chambers. We like it A LOT when John does our work

June 21, 2012 Blog

“Ex-Gay” Businesses Don’t Just Hurt Their Clients

John Shore has posted a heartbreaking letter from a woman who had the misfortune of being the girlfriend of a man who was trying desperately

June 20, 2012 Blog

Andrew Marin Still Won’t Say Homosexuality Isn’t A Sin

Can’t affirm our inherent dignity? You’re still not our friend, no matter who you’ve fooled in Chicago. John Shore, a Christian activist who actually actively supports

June 11, 2012 Blog

Dan Savage’s Remarks And The Wingnut Noise Machine [UPDATED]

You’ve heard by now, because the Right has been going nuts about it all weekend, that Dan Savage spoke to a group of high school

April 30, 2012 Blog

John Shore Sums Up Entire Fight For Equality Against Religious Right

In one handy sentence, too! This comes from a larger post, which I will discuss a little bit below, but first, here is John Shore,

April 23, 2012 Blog

John Shore Responds to Jonah Mowry’s Video

The other day a video from a young kid named Jonah Mowry, where he told the story of the relentless bullying he experiences on a

December 05, 2011 Blog

Attention Mainstream Christians: Be Fruitful and Amplify

Weekly Column Last week’s column, “Mainstream Christians Must Stand Up to the Religious Right,” caused quite a stir. E-mail flooded into my in-box and there

September 27, 2011 Blog, Opinion, Press Release

For Gay Kids, Fundamentalists and Bullies are One and the Same

John Shore has a couple of essential posts up on the subject of Christianity and its fundamentalist contingent’s connection to the bullying and suicide of

September 26, 2011 Blog

John Shore Is Funny

John Shore is one of my favorite Christian writers [yes, even atheists can have favorite Christian writers, if we want!].  He has a particular way

June 15, 2011 Blog

Straight Christian Man Zeroes In On Why Fundamentalists are Anti-Gay [For Real]

This post from John Shore is a few weeks old, but I hadn’t seen it, so I figured y’all might not have either.  In it,

December 30, 2010 Blog
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