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Truth Wins Out Thanks Newsweek For Thorough Follow-Up On ‘Ex-Gay’ Industry

Today's reporting fully corrects the record on the publication's 1998 piece on "ex-gay" therapy

May 01, 2014 News

Anne Paulk: Ex-Husband John Was ‘Disobedient’ To God For Embracing Authenticity, Leaving ‘Ex-Gay’ Movement

Anne may not have a clear concept of whether a person can change their sexuality, since she's admitted that she's bisexual

April 15, 2014 News

Anne Paulk Recommends ‘Healthy Detachment’ From Woman’s Adult Gay Son

In the real world, Anne Paulk basically told this woman to destroy her relationship with her son

October 21, 2013 News

Excellent Piece Chronicles The ‘Decline And Fall’ Of The ‘Ex-Gay’ Industry

From "Bike Away The Gay" in the 1800's to present -- a full acount

October 17, 2013 News

Anne Paulk Claims ‘Majority’ Of Lesbians Were Sexually Abused

Who needs science when you can make up your own studies

June 04, 2013 Opinion

Porno Pete And Andy Comiskey Very Upset About John Paulk, Alan Chambers and Exodus International

Oh, how they wail every time people start to defect from their flawed worldview

May 13, 2013 Opinion

Anne Paulk’s Laughable Organization Announces Laughable ‘Board Of Reference’

The bisexual "ex-gay" leader has surrounded herself with quite a motley crew

May 07, 2013 Uncategorized

PETITION: Ask Newsweek To Correct The Record On Their 1998 Cover Story On John Paulk

The 1998 Newsweek story propelled a fraudulent movement into the mainstream. The record should be corrected

April 26, 2013 News, Press Release

Hardline ‘Ex-Gays’ Turn Against John Paulk

Today's hardline "ex-gay" leaders personify the Seven Deadly Sins, including wrath, greed, sloth, pride, and envy

April 24, 2013 News

TWO Demands Sponsors Of Failed ‘Ex-Gay’ Ad Campaign Apologize After Poster Boy Comes Out

John Paulk offers genuine apology to the LGBT community. Anti-gay groups that promoted him should follow his lead

April 24, 2013 Press Release
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