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Rachel Maddow Eviscerates Jim DeMint And Ralph Reed On DOMA, Prop 8 Rulings

None of the Religious Right's discriminatory actions make anyone's lives better

July 01, 2013 News

Teabagging God Jim DeMint Invokes Chick-fil-A, Values Crowd Goes Wild

Anti-gay activists are very careful with their speech these days and now rely on code words that everyone understands. The first phrase is “traditional marriage.”

September 14, 2012 Blog

South Carolina Yokel Rushes to Aid of Bigots in El Salvador

Senator Jim DeMint, who is probably the most embarrassing member of the United States Senate overall, is extremely concerned about President Obama’s nomination of a

November 21, 2011 Blog

Poor Widdle Jim DeMint Has Panties In Wad, Is Boycotting CPAC

America’s dumbest Senator is making a statement: Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) is the latest Republican who has chosen to skip this year’s Conservative Political Action

January 24, 2011 Blog

About Last Night

What can be said about last night’s election that hasn’t been said about malignant tumors?  Okay, let’s look at the good, the bad and the

November 03, 2010 Blog

Late Friday Random Ten [Jill Sobule edition]

All right, Weekly Round-Up, Random Ten, and then it’s Seacrest Out time for me.  Let’s hold hands and remember our week: On the gay teen

October 08, 2010 Blog

Jim DeMint Says Gays Shouldn’t Be Able To Teach

Jim DeMint is a special kind of bigot, really, but that’s how they make ’em in South Carolina: Addressing a group of conservative voters on

October 04, 2010 Blog

At Values Voters Summit, It’s All About Preaching

Sarah Posner is sitting through the muck of the Values Voters Summit, and after the first morning, it seems that, with the exception of Mitt

September 17, 2010 Blog
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