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Jesus vs. The Religious Right

The Huffington Post has posted a little mash-up, which pits the words of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount against the hateful words of

June 21, 2012 Blog

Comedian John Fugelsang on Jesus and the Modern GOP

This is pretty awesome

February 17, 2012 Blog

Cake Baking Lady Does Not Like Lukewarm Gay Cake, Prefers Hot Straight Cake

Somehow the story of Victoria Childress, the Iowan cake baking lady whose cake baking skills play second fiddle to her devotion to her religious bigotry

November 22, 2011 Blog

Herman Cain Says the Liberals Killed Jesus

This is pretty funny, even by the standards of whiny conservative rants against liberals. Herman Cain argued in a column a while back that it

October 17, 2011 Blog

Exodus’ Jeff Buchanan Has Bible Verse To Make Him Feel Better

Jeff Buchanan has written a lengthy piece about the removal of the Exodus iPhone app, where he repeats the same whining about “freedom of speech”

March 28, 2011 Blog

Why Do White Evangelicals Reject Jesus?

It’s a good question, and it’s something that everybody can see, except, of course, White Evangelical Christians. It’s sort of amazing to liberal believers, atheists,

March 07, 2011 Blog
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