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BREAKING: Illinois Is The Fifteenth Marriage Equality State!

Porno Pete now lives in a marriage equality state!

November 05, 2013 News

Illinois House Voting On Marriage Equality Bill This Afternoon!

If passed it will go back to the Senate for a final vote

November 05, 2013 News

Anti-Gay Illinois Pastor Compares Gay Parents To Five Year-Olds Trying To Drive Cars

Offensive, yes, but also demonstrably wrong

October 23, 2013 News

NOM Really Enjoying Illinois ‘Victory’

I suppose the status quo in Illinois is about the best NOM can hope for these days

June 03, 2013 Opinion

Marriage Bill Shamefully Dies In Illinois House

Disappointment in Illinois as marriage equality bill is derailed at last moment

June 01, 2013 News

Catholic Homophobia Round-Up: Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana

Today, we have three more stories of anti-LGBT bigotry from the leadership of the Catholic Church in Minnesota, Illinois, and Indiana

September 27, 2012 Blog

Illinois Hate Group Upset About Marriage Equality Lawsuits

Something that’s very strange about the Religious Right, hate groups in particular, is how, even when they’re not lying, they report everything just breathlessly, as if

May 30, 2012 Blog

At Least They Admit It: The Fundamentalist Definition of ‘Religious Freedom’

Peter LaBarbera, in the middle of a wordy whine about the Illinois civil unions law: These sad developments in the Land of Lincoln constitute further

June 01, 2011 Blog

Illinois Hate Groups Crying About Discrimination

Newsflash:  Laurie Higgins of the hate group known as the Illinois Family Institute and Peter LaBarbera of the hate group known as Americans for Truth

March 04, 2011 Blog

Illinois Civil Unions Law Will Be Signed This Afternoon

And the sky will FALL! Today, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn will sign into law the “Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Unions Act.” The signing

January 31, 2011 Blog
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