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Is “Family Values” Minority Leader John Boehner Having An Affair with a Lobbyist?

Apparently rumors have been going around, so one of the few journalists we have left, Mike Stark, decided to ask Boehner about it directly: It

September 23, 2010 Blog

In Excommunicating a Nun, Roman Catholic Church Spells Out Its Misogyny

Sometimes even moderate to liberal religious believers bristle at the claim that most organized religion is inherently misogynistic, asserting that their policies which just so

May 28, 2010 Blog

George Rekers Is In Christian Counseling To Recover From “Not Being Gay”

In the Navy, they sometimes joke, “It’s not gay if you’re underway.” Perhaps for George Rekers, it’s more like “It’s not gay if you’re in

May 13, 2010 Blog

FRC Issues Weak Statement on George Rekers

In this just-released memo, Tony Perkins pulls the “George, we hardly knew ye” card: In the past 24 hours FRC has received calls regarding Dr.

May 05, 2010 Blog
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