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I Think We’ve Reached Peak Chicken

I think this sums up the entire past week: If you’re not following Alex on Twitter, you should be

August 02, 2012 Blog

Gay Marriage And Sushi Are Just The Same

This is, of course, true, because I love both of them! So this clip is kind of funny, as the speaker, Jonathan Haidt, argues that

May 18, 2012 Blog

One of Tracy’s Alleged Anti-Gay Lines Also Featured In His HBO Special

So the part about homosexuality being a choice was also featured in Tracy Morgan’s 2009 Carnegie Hall show, you know, the one that people walked

June 10, 2011 Blog

‘God-Fearing Gay-Curing iPhone App Destroyed By Homosexual Radicals’

Hi, everybody! So, if you are new here, you may not know that your Director of Social Media also writes at Wonkette sometimes! Well, he

March 23, 2011 Blog

DISCUSS: Does the Christian Right Owe Gays 34 Years of Sick Pay?

Since 1976, Exodus International and its Christian Right friends have insinuated that same-sex-attracted and transgender people are sick — so sick, in fact, that we

August 18, 2010 Blog

VIDEO: Antigay Soccer Player Condemns the Game’s Disclosure that It Is Gay

Warning: Sexual honesty in sports may be objectionable to some viewers. Soccer Officially Announces It Is Gay

June 14, 2010 Blog

Right Where FOTF Wants ‘Em?

Focus on the Family’s Web site today offers an unscientific readers’ poll that some may find worth a giggle — or, perhaps, a bit of

February 10, 2009 Blog
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